Noelle Damico talks about her Fair Food campaigns

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Peter and Noelle again, with the Tappen Zee bridge over the Hudson RiverYou may remember that I spent much of my time in the US hosted by the Rev Jeff Geary and the Rev Noelle Damico (and their son August!). Jeff is pastor of White Plains Presbyterian Church. Noelle is Associate for Fair Food at the Presbyterian Church’s Campaign for Fair Food. They were great company and generous hosts!

Noelle was also at the the Presbyterian General Assembly, in her capacity as a church staff member. It was good to have her company during that sometimes bewildering week. She has campaigned tirelessly on behalf of low-paid immigrant workers who produce much of America’s food, making big business think hard about their buying practices. It’s a kind of fair trade campaign!

A local White Plains church who produce TV programmes interviewed Noelle recently. This is a great programme in which Noelle explains what she does and why.

Many thanks once again to Jeff and Noelle for their hospitality!

Views From The Pews – Noelle Damico – City of White Plains, NY.

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Union Seminary Poverty Initiative

On 14 June, my final formal meeting in my study leave took me to uptown Manhattan, to Union Seminary in New York City to hear about their Poverty Initiative Continue reading

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Presbyterian Ministry at the UN 3- more with Mark Koenig

More of the interview with Mark Koenig

Going into United Nations Plaza, across the road from the UNSee my previous posts and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations: part 1 and part 2.

The Presbyterian UN office’s advocacy brings to the UN voices which otherwise might struggle to be heard. Koenig understands this as a form of Christian witness. Continue reading

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Presbyterian Ministry at the UN 2- interview with Mark Koenig

Interview with Mark Koenig

mark koenigMark Koenig is the director of the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. I’m very grateful to him for giving me a lot of his time to discuss the work of his office, its purpose, justification and achievements. Continue reading

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Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations- part 1

The Mission Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA) was renamed the Presbyterian Mission Agency at the 2012 General Assembly. It encompasses a wide range of ministries which are bound together by the fact that they all, one way or another, ‘face the public’: Continue reading

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The Plenary Sessions, Voting and Procedures in the PC(USA) General Assembly

PC(USA) GA in Plenary Session

PC(USA) GA in Plenary Session

(You can read the first of my posts about the PC(USA) General Assembly here).

Plenary sessions of the PC(USA) GA– bringing together all the various delegates- took place in a vast conference hall in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in central Pittsburgh. Continue reading

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Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly: introduction

IMG00202-20120703-0829_2Following the Community Organising course in Columbus, Ohio, I returned to New York (with a diversion to Atlanta, Georgia due thunderstorms in New York) to spend a few days once again with the Gearys in White Plains. Then, on 30 June, I flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the 220th General Assembly (GA) of the Presbyterian Church (USA) (PC(USA)).

I’ve already written about some of the topics discussed by the GA. I’ll return to some of those later, but in this post and the next few posts, I want to reflect on the format of the PC(USA) GA, and how it contrasts and compares with the Church of Scotland’s (CofS) Assembly. This will take more than one post: in subsequent posts I’ll be considering the committees system and the plenary sessions.

A good overview of the Assembly is this leaflet produced afterwards for local Presbyterian Churches. Designed as a bulletin insert for Sunday orders of service, this would be a good idea for us as well!

Continue reading

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More on Community Organising: Brad’s story

In my last post I listed the programme for the community organising course. Here’s a story which illustrates a bit of what it was all about. Continue reading

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Community organising training 1

On Sunday 17 June, I attended church at University Christian Church, and then had my meeting with Congressman Geoff Davis. Pastor Troy Jackson then picked me up from northern Kentucky, and after brief stops at his home and to buys some fast food so we could lunch in the journey, drove me to Columbus, Ohio for the week long course in Community Organising in Columbus. Continue reading

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Study Leave talk at Old High St Stephen’s

Tonight I reported back to my congregation about my study leave with a talk (and photos!). It was lovely to relive it all, and to enjoy the dialogue, including some very pertinent questions!

We have recorded the talk, and I’ll look to trying to make it available online.

CORRECTION: sadly the recording failed!

Meanwhile, here are the photos I used in the presentation Cick on the image to go to the Picasa album, then click on ‘Slideshow’ (top left).

Study Leave Presentation
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