Plans coming together

Yesterday and today saw two major parts of my plans coming together.

I am now registered to take part in a training course in Community Organising from 17-22 June in Columbus, Ohio, run  by the Ohio Organizing Collaborative. Many thanks to Troy Jackson for suggesting this idea. You can read the brochure for the event below:

Weeklong Training Brochure 2012

I have also now received an official invitation to attend the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), from June 20 to July 7 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As I await the ‘Blue Book’ of reports to our own General Assembly (which should arrive any time now) I am sobered by the Manual for the US General Assembly: 125 pages of rules, standing orders, procedures etc. It also contains a short historical note, which I will post separately. The PC(USA) Assembly has some 900 members, and meets semi-annually. I am looking forward to representing the Church of Scotland at this event.

I still have plans to firm up for Washington DC and New York- there will be more when I have finishes making the arrangements.


About Rev Peter W Nimmo

Minister of Old High St Stephen's Church, Inverness, Scotland, UK
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