Quick update

The last thing I reported on in full was my meeting with Jennifer Butler of Faith in Public Life in Washington, DC.

I have lots of notes which I am currently transcribing from other meetings and activities. However things have been hectic, so there hasn’t been much time to put these details on the blog.

Since my meeting with Jennifer (on Monday 11 June) I’ve done the following:

12 June: attended ‘Second Tuesday’ seminar at the PC(USA) Washington Office (details in my next blog post)

13 June: met Nicole Higgins of Sojourners and Michael Livingstone, Director of the National Council of Churches Poverty Initiative

14 June: travelled to Cincinnati to stay with Troy Jackson of University Christian Church

15 June: attended a meeting about a tour of a Palestinian Christian to the midwest; and met with Pastor Erwin Goedicke of North Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati

16 June: phone conversation with US Congressman Geoff Davis, which we continued in a lunchtime meeting on Sunday

17 June: worship at University Christian Church, meeting with Congressman Davies, then travelled with Troy to Columbus for Community organising training.

The Community Organising training was a very full time, as you can see from the timetable which was sent out. It finally finished in the afternoon of 22 June, after which I had an adventurous journey back to New York- my flight was cancelled due to thunderstorms over New York, and I diverted via Atlanta, Georgia!

A couple of days to collect my wits back at the home of Jeff and Noelle, then another day in New York yesterday at the Presbyterian UN office and the Poverty Initiative at Union Seminary. Today I have lunch with a former Moderator of the General Assembly of the PC(USA), Susan Andrews. Otherwise, I’m spending today and the next few days reading, preparing for the GA, and bringing this blog up to date.

I’ve found that I didn’t want to put the blog posts up in, as it were, in real time. Partly this is because it has been so hectic; but also because I want to think about what I write. For instant thoughts, follow me on Facebook or Twitter!

More from Washington DC, I hope, later today!


About Rev Peter W Nimmo

Minister of Old High St Stephen's Church, Inverness, Scotland, UK www.oldhighststephens.com
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