PC(USA) statistics

From today’s General Assembly in Pittsburgh, a few statistics about the Presbyterian Church (USA):

There were 10,466 churches in 2011.

In 2010, membership dipped to below 2 million.

For every 1 worshipper under 25, there are 6 over 65.

The denomination is 94 per cent white, but this falls to 80 per cent in new congregations.

16 per cent participating in worship are not members (1/3 participation non-members)

They have 10,000 churches.

The median size of congregations was 151 members in 1984, and 93 members 2012.

But there are thought to be 94 million members alive today in churches founded or co-founded by the PC(USA) around the world. This year marks 175 years since General Assembly first sponsored foreign missions, although Presbyterians- especially women had been involved- were already involved in overseas mission.

There’s a table here; and here in an easier format.


About Rev Peter W Nimmo

Minister of Old High St Stephen's Church, Inverness, Scotland, UK www.oldhighststephens.com
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